Truck bodies

Customization and construction

Customization and construction

We sell used, but new trucks, trailers and loaders. At our workshop, we can customize any equipment on demand. Our most known speciality work includes mounting trailers with hydraulic cables. Cables on trailers simplify truck loading and save time.

Construction cables are done in partnership with MT-peite.

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Repairs and accesories

We do repairs and maintenance for our sold equipment on demand. We also deal with the indoor and outer accessorising of our vehicles. Upholstery is done by Westcustom in Kokkola and decals by JS-Pinta Ltd.

In partnership with:

Decals by Js-Pinta Ltd, Soini.


Custom tarps by MT-Peite, Himanka.


Upholstery by Westcustom, Kokkola.

Photos of our work

Other projects